| My “Adventures” in Learning to Write on Cookies with Royal Icing
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My “Adventures” in Learning to Write on Cookies with Royal Icing

My “Adventures” in Learning to Write on Cookies with Royal Icing

Cookie decorating is quite different than cake decorating.  There’s the rolling of the dough, cutting the shapes, mixing the icing, etc. I love how they turn out but I must confess something to you all. I DO NOT like to write on cookies with royal icing. Something happens in my brain and I completely shut down for some reason. I love how some of my favorite cookiers (SugarBelle, Lucky Penny, Custom Cookies by Jill) write on their fabulous cookies. I could look at their works of art all day, literally.  So…What do I do when a customer requests a cookie that requires wording? I use my favorite medium, fondant. I love fondant. I LOVE fondant. See, I told you. It is so easy to use my tappit cutters and place them on my cookies. No worrying about icing consistency, spacing, pulling my hair out, etc.

The pictures below show how I create my ‘message’ cookies…

sports themed cookie platter2013 new year cookiesimg_8506

 I am not saying I don’t like to use fondant but it can be inconvenient if I don’t have any fondant, need a certain font, or have a customer who doesn’t prefer the taste of it. I know what a lot of you cookiers are thinking. Buy a KopyKake and get to piping. I do own a KopyKake. However, I still find myself blocking the image and getting even more anxious.  Fear not, I do plan to practice more. I just need to say a prayer and get to practicing. I need to show that cookie that I will not be defeated.

Want to see what my writing looks like currently? Why not? I am not here to only post all my ‘perfect’ cookies and never share my frustrations and challenges.  I used the KK on the Holy Bible cookies and free-handed the 60th birthday cookies.

'Still sexy at 60 ' cookies


 I have now declared war with my writing on cookies dilemma. I will keep you all posted with my progress. And feel free to send me tips and suggestions. They are much appreciated. Have a great week!

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